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Top Trading Twitter Accounts To Follow 2020

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Here is a constantly updated rundown of the best stock, forex, crypto traders to follow on Twitter. They all added to my trading experience with outstanding insights and tips, I hope they can add value to your trading skills.

Amidst a turbulent and unpredictable backdrop, Twitter is becoming an increasingly fundamental tool for traders in 2020, with lockdowns and restrictions forcing yet more of us to social media as a source of research, market insights or even just human contact




Why you should follow them: Peter has been a professional commodities trader since 1980. He is also the author of the bestselling book ‘Diary of a Professional Commodities Trader’. Peter gives advice and examples of his own trades with good use of charts. He is a globally respected trader.



Why you should follow them: Steve Burns has been an active trader for over 14 years and has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal for his trading ability. He’s also authored 13 books on trading and is the founder of Featured in our recommendations from previous years, his tweets are packed full of trading advice and live commentary, as well as funny memes.



Why you should follow them: Mohamed is the Chief Economic Adviser for insurance company Allianz. He is also the author of ‘When Markets Collide’ and ‘The Only Game in Town’. His account focuses on assessing the current economic situations and then advising traders on how to react to them accordingly.



Scott Redler is a technical analyst. The more you watch him, the better you learn to chart stocks. With tweets and regular updates, he provides stock-charting experience and learning resources that are second to none.



Joe Kunkle is an options expert. He is constantly scanning and trading stocks, figuring out which prices will move by tracking increases in the options traded for the underlying equities. A must-follow for his directional trading ability that allows him to nail many of the moves that produce profits.



With almost 400,000 tweets, and more than 700,000 followers to date, ZeroHedge hit the headlines recently when the account was suspended by Twitter. This suspension was recently reversed citing an “error”. This paves the way for ZeroHedge to get back to posting many alternate market perspectives and insightful forex news and views.



Active trader and editor for Bloomberg’s business account, Joe Weisenthal is also the co-host of the Bloomberg TV show ‘What’d You Miss?’ and the ‘Odd Lots’ podcast. He discusses hot topics on finance, markets and economics, and tweets about interesting topics such as the consumer confidence data and “movements in overseas markets.



Eric is a professional trader with over 7 years of equities experience. He worked at an energy trading company, a Fortune 500 company, and one of the top management consulting firms in the world. He helps others learn about the financial markets. He has over 130K+ followers in which he provides weekly stock picks each Monday.



Novel prize-winner Paul Krugman is an economics professor who tweets primarily about the US economy and policy decisions. He sheds an academic light on major market events often backed by relevant numbers, which allows traders to cut through the noise of other Twitter accounts.



Trading oil, gas, or other energy products? Then look no further than the EIA, the US Energy Information Administration. EIA’s indicators related to energy inventories and supply can send shockwaves through the markets, and they also provide market analysis and numbers which can be very helpful to oil traders.



 Mark Minervini is the author of “Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard” and “Think & Trade Like a Champion” (amazing books, read them!) and, most importantly, he’s one of the best traders of all time. Follow and learn from people that have a proven record (and put their name and face out there).



As solid as they come, a pattern trader with a lot of experience and great teaching skills. Honest, skilled, transparent, and very calm (so he can help you a lot also in the trading psychology department): one of the best choices especially if you’re new to trading and need guidance. He’s not flashing lambo dreams, just some great cooking recipes now and then. Highly recommended.



Brian Shannon, author of “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes”, one of the pioneers in Multi-Timeframe analysis and market phases. Often copied by fake gurus that specialize in re-naming patterns to sell them as their own, please go directly to the source and save yourself some pain + money. Living Legend.



 Dan Zanger is the World Record Holder Top Swing Trader. This beast turned $10,775 to over $18,000,000 during the parabolic move of the bubble. Dan trades in the style of William O’Neil, the legendary author of “How to Make Money in Stocks” and founder of Investor’s Business Daily. Check the book, check Dan, build a solid Technical Analysis foundation before getting too “creative”.



Great clean charts with traditional classical patterns, outstanding accuracy on major markets and sectors turning points. If you love charts, you’ll love him.



Experienced demand and supply trader. I suggest you do his course on Udemy and follow him on Twitter. Basic demand and supply often don’t cut it, that’s why Simon added some advanced concepts that can make the system much more reliable.



Data, data and some more data. Balanced research very appreciated by experienced traders, and for a good reason. Good research and objective data always beats the flood of gut instinct opinions that you find on most Twitter accounts.



A great mix of macro and technical analysis. An account to follow if you’re interested in the underlying behavior (Macro, Fundamental, Intermarket and Technical side) of global markets.



I really don’t know how you can come up with something extremely smart and funny every half and hour, but he does.



You can expect this former RAF officer to have the eagle eyes needed to spot the best trades. Nicola Duke is a commodity derivatives trader focusing on the energy sector. Her feed is great if you want to develop a better understanding of technical analysis tools such as Fibonacci, harmonics, trendlines and moving averages.



There’s no messing around with 50pips. Few jokes, Gifs or retweets. Short on wisecracking, just straight-down-the-line views on the markets for a sober perspective on trading.



Rayner Teo is a Singapore-based swing and position trader. His feed is full of excellent, easy-to-understand trading tips to help you learn, among other things, how to ride the massive trends in bull and bear markets and better time your entries and exits.


Eddy Elfenbein is a Washington, DC-based speaker, portfolio manager, and blogger. He tweets smart, simple, direct commentary on stocks in a uniquely droll way.



Steven Spencer is a New York-based prop trader, with a focus on intraday and swing trades. He posts many of his trades and is great to follow for the big daily market moves, mainly inequities.



 One of the pioneers in trading education (most of the PA gurus you follow probably stole at least some of his concepts and re-branded them), he’s also one of the most entertaining accounts on #FinTwit. His brilliant communication style allows him to educate on the most important, non-sexy concepts (keeping a journal, calculating R, waiting for setups, evaluating your psych) while keeping it always fun.



Alaidi is a strategist, trader, and author of currency trading who is a regular contributor on CNBC. He gained a lot of respect in the trading community by providing unbiased Forex analysis. Even though he provides lots of market commentaries for free in his tweets he also runs a private Forex service. His premium service gives you daily insights and trading ideas on FX, indices, and commodities.



Forex Crunch is a popular Forex trading website and this is its Twitter account. The tweets are managed by founder Yohay Elam himself and cover daily news, opinions, market outlooks, tutorials and more. Forex Crunch also posts analysis and market views of major banks, which can come very helpful to traders.



Christopher Vecchio of DailyFX has a great balance of both technical and fundamental analysis with lots of useful charts. One of the most popular out there.



Grega Horvat is all about Elliott Wave Analysis, with tons of charts.



Michael Boutros of DailyFX provides intraday forex updates and plenty of FX charts.



The official account behind not only has the best twitter handle but also showcases interesting charts.


For traders that are focused on cryptocurrencies, CoinDesk provides relevant news, guides, analysis and breaking info from the crypto world. CoinDesk is a leading information provider and widely-recognized among the crypto community.



CoinDesk markets isn’t a single trader. Rather, it’s the official crypto markets feed from CoinDesk. It publishes several tweets per day, discussing signals and market moves in real-time. It’s an excellent account to follow if you want to stay on top of the price action.



The terror of all the crypto furus out there, spewing for free info that your paid leader probably doesn’t even know. Focused on big caps with an extremely practical, effective, no-nonsense approach.



Keeping it simple because he’s not stupid, he offers both great insights and some great indicators (I know, almost unbelievable) for free (I know, almost unbelievable). Great follow, he keeps it funny, interesting and useful at all times



He’s probably also a very good trader, but I don’t care and it’s a difficult thing to evaluate while pissing your pants anyway. These guys are the real reason many experienced traders stick to twitter, they make it fun and extremely entertaining for everybody.



Jacob is one of the highest-ranked Bitcoin analysts on the charting app, TradingView. He’s also been a guest on Forbes and CNBC. He posts a mix of trading setups, crypto news, and crypto market analysis.



One of the most popular crypto trading accounts on Twitter is that of DonAlt. You can expect lots of charts, price action insight, and altcoins analysis.



Philakone is a successful crypto day trader. Although his tone isn’t to everyone’s taste, he dedicates an enormous amount of time into producing high-quality educational resources, including live trading videos and crypto courses. He’s also an interesting case study into the effect crypto trading can have on your private life; he openly faced down some personal demons in full view of his followers.



Nik is the author of An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook. Published in 2018, the book rapidly became the definitive learning resource for anyone trying to wrap their heads around speculative crypto trading.



Filbfilb is another popular user on TradingView. His Twitter feed is full of short-term setups, crypto charts, and trading ideas. He also publishes a weekly newsletter that’s a great read and runs free a crypto trading journal on Telegram that anyone can subscribe to.



Some crypto traders consider drawing charts to be an art form. Bitcoin Jack is one of those people. He posts a large number of potential setups, and all his work looks visually stunning. He is also part of the Bitcoin Bravado YouTube channel. If you’ve never watched any of its content, go and check it out. It is worth your time.



Big Cheds is another crypto trader who’s something of a celebrity. He has featured on CNBC multiple times and runs his own blog and YouTube channel.

Most of his tweets focus on technical analysis and reporting market moves.



Josh runs one of the most well-established crypto Twitter trading accounts. Unlike many crypto traders on Twitter, he steers clear of annoying memes and repetitive jokes. His content is clean, clear, and professional. It’s a must-follow account.



Mayne provides technical analysis, insight into the trading decisions his been making, and market predictions based on price action. He’s been in the crypto space since 2013, making him considerably more experienced than many of the other crypto traders who popped up during the 2017 bull run.



Crypto Rand is possibly the best crypto trading account on Twitter. With 220,000 followers, it is the largest account on our list. Aside from technical market analysis, Crypto Rand also does a great job of explaining the connection between the crypto markets and real-world economies.



Feras doesn’t have a massive following—around 12,000—but he’s hugely respected in the crypto trading Twitter community. He provides a level of insight and analysis that most accounts can’t get close to replicating. He also posts some content about the regular equity markets.


Don’t Blindly Follow Traders on Twitter

No trader is correct 100 percent of the time. If you blindly follow their suggestions, it is a surefire way to lose money. Make sure you always do your own research before committing to a trade. Oh, and you should never join a paid signals group, either.

To learn more about how to trade, make sure you check out our other articles on how to trade and our top tips for new traders and investors.



Learn To Trade Our Strategy

Our Strategy focuses on supply and demand, market sentiment, momentum and Stop Hunting ( Order Traps and Fakeouts)

Supply And Demand Trading

As supply and demand traders, we do not need to pay attention to the news, fundamentals, or any earnings reports. Why is it that you see positive News and then the underlying market drops like a rock, or a negative news announcement and the market rallies? You are probably missing the fact that big institutions are trying to make money!

Unless you are doing very short term trading and scalping, you should not worry about fundamentals or earnings announcements.

You can use these imbalances to plan your trades in lower timeframes. Trading is just waiting for the right trigger points and scenarios to present themselves. We need to patiently wait for the correct scenarios and setups to happen and wait for the price to react from our levels and we can take advantage of these moves!

If you want to learn how to trade using our trading strategy, join our Price Action Trading Course.

What are Fakeouts (Order Traps, Stop Hunting)?

First things first, before you can learn our strategy you have to understand how to use order traps to your advantage, you have to know what they are and how to identify them.

Order Trap ( Stop Hunting, Fakeouts ) are terms used in technical analysis to refer to a situation in which a trader enters into a position in anticipation of a future transaction signal or price movement, but the signal or movement never develops and the asset moves in the opposite direction.

Order Traps are when a trader puts on a position expecting it to move in a direction and it fails to do so.

Stop Hunting happen when many traders plan their exit by offsetting orders to make sure their potential losses are limited

Stop Hunting can cause considerable losses for a technical analyst. These traders will typically rely on well-tested patterns, multiple affirmations of an indicator, and specific allowances to protect from significant losses. Sometimes the setup can look perfect, but outside factors can cause a signal to not develop as planned.


Learn more about Price Action Course.


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